Sri Kannan Traders and Sri Kannan Graphics represent a 25-year behemoth in the Invitation card design, manufacturing and distribution space in South India


Culture Connected

The Indian hemisphere celebrates every milestone in a person’ life in a gorgeous manner. We cater to invitations for all these occasions - let it puberty or ear-boring ceremonies to wedding and anniversaries. We span to bind everyone by culture.


Blue Collar Upliftment

We focus on leveraging the cottage industry over mechanised industries in order to provide employment for the masses. We directly empower over 250 blue-collared workers to earn their bread and educate their children.


Perfect Pay Master

Over time Sri Kannan Traders and Graphics has earned the unique reputation of upholding excellent business ethics while growing. We are credited as the ‘best paymaster’ in the industry with absolutely no delays or credit period in payments.


If it’s invitations, it is us

Paperboards and Speciality Paper [Local and Imported]

Wholesale Invitations [For the ‘B&C’ segment]

Retail Creative Invitations [For the ‘A’ segment]

Pan-India Invitations [Produced at Delhi & Chennai]


We go crazy over exploiting technology. Let it be one made for today or for tomorrow We sell ‘creativity’, we never sell ‘compromise’.


Multicolor Digital

The ability to recreate any visual appeal lies in invitations by reproducing a near-photo finish print in up-to 128 bit

Offset Printing

A mass-production lithographic technique that transfers ink onto paper-media in an extremely efficient process for multicolour


Screen Printing

King of invitation printing techniques. Unique pigments are applied through pores in a skillful process to produce seamless impressions

Gravure Printing

High quality long-runs of print for a photo-finish are produced by the unique planche transfer technology


Foil Stamping

A metallic or pigmented foil is stamped to transfer itself and adhere onto invitations leaving a magnificent lustre

Die Stamping

A cutting die is used to create impressions or recessed open section and stand-out shaped in card contours



The art of elevating or raising motif patterns are made on paper across bands of screen print to produce allurement


Application of heat via UV rays upon special coats that give a laminated effect to certain design elements is done


Intaglio Process

An age old technology is used to give a superior effect to text for exclusive customers seeking splendour in simplicity

Creative Cards

Crazy designs for contemporary individuals. Invites that resemble bank cheques, airline tickets, CDs are designed synonymous to our customers’ profession


Eco-friendly Invites

Cards with seeds embedded in them. After the event, the card can be sowed to see it germinate in sometime


MDF cut stickers, ornamental chumki and Mold-Ganeshas are stuck in order to add grandeur to our creations. Manual work for perfection


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  • Person: Shankar (Business Development Head)
  • Monday - Saturday: 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM
  • Phone: (+91) - 044 - 2536 4197
  • Email: suresh@kannangraphics.com
  • Address: 38 & 42, Malayaperumal Street, George Town,
    Chennai - 600001, India

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